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    Release Notes - 7 November 2019


    For Schools

    What’s new?

    New sports added


    Two new sports have been added to the Sporting Schools program for Term 1 2020. Judo Australia will support the delivery of Judo in the primary school program and Paddle Australia will support the delivery of paddle sports, such as canoeing and kayaking, in the secondary school program.

    Schools can indicate their interest in these sports in their grant application and they will both have packages available on the Booking System from Term 1 2020 and beyond.

    Read more about their entry to the program.


    Edit acquittals

    The acquittal form often requires more than one person to enter details of program delivery and expenses, to make this easier we have added the ability for schools to save their acquittal prior to submission.

    Users will start their acquittals as described in the How do I complete my acquittal steps. Users can start their acquittals the same way described in the How do I complete my acquittal steps.

    On page two and three of the acquittal form, you can save the acquittal by completing the mandatory fields, then clicking the ‘Save & Next’ button at the bottom of the page.


    You can then click ‘Return to Home’ to exit the form.

    The acquittal form can be accessed later (before the acquittal due date) by clicking the ‘Edit Acquittal’ button displayed below.


    Please note, you are still required to submit the acquittal before the due date to have it assessed by the Sporting Schools funding team.


    External add-ons

    We have added the option for national sporting organisations (NSOs) to display links to external websites in the online booking system. These websites will host extra add-ons which schools may purchase using their Sporting Schools funding.

    This could include the following:

    • Equipment kits
    • Individual equipment items
    • Teacher training

    If a sport does not offer any add-ons, none will be displayed and the school can progress with their booking as normal.

    Please note, the links to external websites will open in a new window and schools are still required to complete and submit the booking in the booking window. Schools should always adhere to the Spending Fact Sheet (PDF 228Kb) to determine approved items.



    Visit our online Help Centre for further information about running a Sporting Schools program.

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