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    Complaints Process


    Sport Australia is committed to treating complaints about its facilities, services, programs and products seriously. Sport Australia aims to address all complaints quickly and appropriately and learn from them to improve the way we do business. 

    If you have a complaint concerning Sport Australia or Sporting Schools program we would like to know. To lodge a complaint complete our online form.

    If you have a complaint concerning a Sporting Schools program partner, lodge your complaint with the sport, coach, sporting organisation or school, in the first instance, at the level at which it has occurred:

    That is:

    a) Contact the sport, National Sporting Organisation (NSO). NSOs recognised by Sport Australia are required to have an up to date Member Protection Policy and complaints handling procedure available on their website (also referred to as Grievance Resolution Regulations) to assist with lodging formal complaints through the sport.

    b) Contact the coach directly to attempt to resolve the issue

    c) Contact the sporting organisation directly to attempt to resolve the issue

    d) Contact the school - if the issue relates to a school/teacher.

    We strongly recommend you seek to resolve your issue directly with the sport, coach, sporting organisation or school prior to lodging it with Sport Australia.  

    For more information about making a complaint visit the Sport Australia website or Play by the Rules website

    NOTE: Sport Australia may monitor the handling of complaints at the national level but we do not intervene or conduct investigations into complaints made against sport organisations. Any complaints made against a sport to Sport Australia will be referred to the relevant sport organisation to manage. Please read more information about complaints relating to a sport organisation.

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