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    How will my grant application be assessed?


    Sporting Schools uses an open competitive process where applications that are received by the close date are assessed against criteria and ranked in order of merit. 

    After your school submits a grant application, it is assessed by Sporting Schools in accordance with the terms and conditions and program parameters.

    Primary School Grant applications are prioritised and ranked (from Term 3, 2018) based on:

    • the number of grants the school has received over the past 4 terms (funding history); and then
    • the proportion of the school population proposed to be engaged (program details).

    Secondary School Grant applications are prioritised and ranked based on how your planned program:

    There are three outcomes from the application assessment process:

    1. Successful - your application has been approved and you can start to organise your Sporting Schools program.
    2. Withdrawn - your school has notified Sporting Schools that they do not wish to proceed with your application for the term.
    3. Unsuccessful - your application has not been approved due to one of the following reasons:
      • Outside parameters: your planned program was outside the program parameters
      • Outside ranking: your school was ranked outside the places available for this term

    Your school’s nominated contacts should be notified by email about the grant assessment outcome within 10 business days of the application period closing date. 


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