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    Release Notes - 16 May 2018


    For Organisations

    What’s new?

    Retrospective Bookings

    NSOs can now create retrospective bookings for Term 2. A retrospective booking is classed as a Sporting Schools program that has been completed within the selected term but not yet raised as a booking within the Booking System.

    Note: NSOs will only be able to select sessions in the past within the timeframes of the selected term, no future sessions will be able to be entered.

    This function can only be accessed by NSOs via the Bookings tab.


    Please note that only the current term will be able to be selected and retrospective bookings can only be raised if the school has approved funding for the term selected. A countdown to when retrospective bookings can be made will be displayed on the portal and they can be made up to seven days after the last day of the school term.

    NSOs need to select the coach and fill in the relevant details of the program including price, ages of participant, group size and session times. Upon submitting the booking, no email correspondence is sent to the coach or the school.


    Visibility of Coach WWCC Rejection Reasons

    NSOs, SSOs and Coaching Providers can now see the reason a WWCC has been rejected within the coach’s WWCC record. Organisations can access the coach WWCC records by clicking My Coach Network and then clicking on the arrow and then Edit Coach to open the coach profile.  


    On the Coach Profile page, click on the Coach WWCC tab to view the list of the Coach WWCC record/s. Click on the arrow of the record you wish to open and then click Edit to view the WWCC record and any rejection reasons. 




    Coach WWCC Form Update - Exemptions

    NSOs, SSOs and Coaching Providers are now required to enter a Check ID (identifying number) and Expiry Date when adding a WWCC Record which is an exemption for a teacher, police officer or age based exemption.



    Additionally, NSOs, SSOs and Coaching Providers can now attach supporting evidence, such as a copy of a document as proof of age or employment as a police officer, which are required by Sporting Schools to validate the exemptions.



    Visit our online Help Centre for sporting organisations to understand how to use the Sporting Schools Partner Portal.


    For Coaches


    What’s new?

    Coach WWCC Expiry Email Reminders

    Coaches will now be sent a number emails to remind them that their WWCC is nearing expiry.

    Email 1: 90 days from expiry (except NT coaches, who receive an email 60 days from expiry)

    Email 2: 30 days from expiry

    Email 3: 1 day after WWCC has expired

    Coaches will be prompted to follow up with their State or Territory to complete the relevant requirements to renew their WWCC. They then need to forward the updated check details to their nominated Sporting Organisation.



    Visit our online Help Centre for coaches to understand their registration as a Sporting Schools coach.


    For Schools


    What’s new?

    Visibility of Coach WWCC Details for Confirmed/Completed Packages

    Schools can now view the WWCC details of the coach for a confirmed or completed package booking for the current term.

    To access this new feature:

    1. Login to the Sporting Schools Booking System
    2. Click Booking System and View My Bookings


         3. Select View Booking on a Confirmed or Completed booking you wish to view the Coach           WWCC details for.


         4. On the Booking Details page, schools can click View Coach WWCC to see the details of         the coach’s WWCC details and its status.




    Updated Teacher Delivered Package Booking Form

    When schools are booking a Teacher Delivered Package, they are now required to enter the nominated teacher’s Teacher Registration Number or WWCC Number and Expiry Date within the booking form. The school also needs to upload supporting evidence of the Teacher Registration or WWCC.





    Visit our online Help Centre for schools to understand how to use the Sporting Schools Booking System.

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