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    Release Notes - 30 January 2018


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    NSO and SSO changes to selected sports package

    NSOs and SSOs are now able to update sports package bookings with the status of ‘New’ and change them to a different package type. This is helpful when the wrong package has been selected. For example a school wants to change from a four session package to a five session package. Rather than the school cancelling and resubmitting the booking, NSOs and SSOs can simply update the package type.

    To do this NSOs and SSOs need to:


    1. Select the New booking to be updated.



    2. Scroll down the booking to find the package details. Click on ‘Change Package’.



    3. Click the search button as shown below to search for a different package type.



    4. Click on the desired package type and clickSelect’.



    5. Check and edit the participant, price and session details as required then click Submit.



    6. Once submitted the following message will appear and NSOs or SSOs can return to the booking page.





    Visit our online Help Centre for sporting organisations to understand how to use the Sporting Schools partner portal.


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