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    Release Notes - 30 November 2017


    For Organisations


    What's new?

    Opportunities for state sporting organisations

    The reporting function has been expanded to allow state sporting organisations to see a list of all schools who indicated their interest in running their sport during their grant application.

    This function will replace the Google Docs spreadsheets to provide improved reporting functionality for sports. The list below does not mean that a school has put in a booking request for your sport. The school will still need to make a booking request through the Sporting Schools Booking System.

    This new list can be accessed by selecting ‘Home’ in the main menu and then selecting ‘Opportunities’. Organisations can filter by state or territory using the check boxes displayed below. 



    Organisations can view more details on each school by clicking the drop down arrow on the right hand side and selecting ‘View Details’ or view the location on the map by selecting ‘Show On Map’ as displayed below.




    If a school has indicated that they no longer want to run a program for your sport then click the drop down arrow on the right hand side, select ‘More Details’ and then select ‘Remove Opportunity’. Once this has been selected the school will be removed from the list and cannot be brought back onto the list.

    Note: organisations can only remove opportunities which are related to their own state or territory.




    Improved filters for My Tasks page 



    Sporting organisations now have three sections in the ‘My Tasks’ section:

    1. My Bookings – bookings that are currently assigned to your organisation for the current term
    2. Current Term – bookings that are currently being managed by your organisation for the current term
    3. Bookings History – a historical list of all bookings which has been assigned to or managed by your organisation since Term 4 2016 including the current term

    Each of the tabs gives a different view although bookings can be actioned from each tab.


    Improved filters for Opportunities page

    To improve the ‘Opportunities’ section we have added new columns:

    • Term
    • Year
    • Date Added

    There is also a new filter to show only opportunities from the last seven days.




    Visit our online Help Centre for sporting organisations to understand how to use the Sporting Schools partner portal.


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