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    What do the graphs on the Partner Portal dashboard represent?


    The following provides an outline of the different features of the Dashboard displayed upon logging in to the Sporting Schools Partner Portal.


    Program Activity:

    The program activity map is design to give you a snapshot of activity for your sport. Here is an explanation of what each of the toggles will display:

    Show Bookings: a heat map of all booking requests submitted in the current term as indicated on your dashboard.

    Show Successful Grants: a heat map of schools who requested your sport during their grant application for the current term. If they have also made a booking then both the green and yellow will overlay.

    Show Coach Network: a heat map of coaches in your network to help determine whether your current workforce can deliver all booking requests.



    Note - there are different views for each level of organisation:

    National sporting organisations: will display all bookings, successful grants and coaches across the whole sport.

    State sporting organisations: will display bookings, successful grants and coaches for all organisations by state.

    Coaching providers: will display bookings allocated to the organisation and coaches related to the network of the coaching provider only.


    My Bookings:


    This graph shows the number of bookings that still require your organisation to action.

    New: A school has submitted a new booking request.

    Pending: The booking request has been assigned to a coach, however the coach has not yet accepted or rejected the request.

    Rejected: either a coach or coaching provider has rejected the assigned booking and it needs to be further actioned.

    Can/ Pending: The school has requested the cancellation of a confirmed booking. Note: This only applies to bookings where a coach has already been assigned and confirmed to deliver.


    Bookings History:


    This graph shows a historical view of the past four terms which have been completed. The following booking status are included in each column graph:

    Completed Bookings: bookings that have been completed.

    Unsuccessful Bookings: everything else including new, pending, rejected, cancellation pending, cancelled and declined.


    All Bookings:


    The All Bookings graph represents all bookings across your sport for the current term.

    Each level or organisation will get a different view:

    National sporting organisations: Will see the status of all bookings in the country for their sport including bookings assigned to SSOs and coaching providers.

    State sporting organisations: Will see the status of all bookings which are assigned to the SSO and associated coaching providers in their state/territory for their sport.

    Coach providers: Will see all bookings which are assigned to their organisation during the term/year.

    Visit what does the status on my booking request mean? to see the definition for each status.


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