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    Release Notes - 24 November 2016


    For Schools

    What’s new?

    • We have revamped the way that schools register, change details and apply for grants. The new portal has improved user design and performance to make your Sporting Schools online experience even better.
    • The first thing that you will notice is that there is a new way to sign in. School users now click School Login which will bring up the sign in page.


    • When you login again for the first time you will notice that we have a new rebranded Sign In screen (as shown below) and makes for a more seamless sign in process and the ability to register and reset your password.


    • The most significant visual change is for school users once logged in. Sporting Schools contacts, Finance Contacts and Principals will now be presented with a screen with three tiles. Each of these tiles will allow you to complete different Sporting Schools tasks:


    1. Create a new grant application
    2. Acquit approved grants (coming soon)
    3. View your grant history (coming soon)

    Booking System

    1. Browse sports packages
    2. Apply for a sport package
    3. View your sport package history

    My School

    1. Manage school information
    2. Change bank details
    3. Verify your account





    • The grant application form has been improved to make it quicker and easier to complete. We have utilised ACARA school data to prepopulate the school population which means you just have to provide the number of participants and the programs you would like to apply to deliver and then submit.

    • The school registration form has been streamlined to utilise ACARA school data including school name and address to make filling out the form quick and easy.



    Visit our online help centre to understand how to use the booking system and partner portal. We have updated and created the following articles this week:


    For Organisations

    What’s new?

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