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    What does the status on my booking request mean?


    Whenever a school submits a request through the Sporting Schools Booking System it will automatically be assigned a status.

    This status will be updated as the booking progresses and will help schools, national sporting organisations (NSOs), state sporting organisations (SSOs) and coaching providers (CPs) to keep track of each request.

    The meaning of each status is outlined below.



    Meaning of the status


    A school has submitted a new booking request.  


    The booking request has been assigned to a coach, however the coach has not yet accepted or rejected the request.


    For coach-delivered packages, this means the booking has been assigned and accepted by the coach.

    For teacher-delivered sports packages, this means the booking has been accepted by the NSO or SSO.


    This status means that either:

    • a coach has rejected the assigned booking request. The NSO, SSO or CP who assigned the coach will then receive email notification advising that the booking needs to be RE-ASSIGNED, REJECTED or DECLINED; or
    • a coaching provider has reviewed the (NEW, PENDING or CONFIRMED) booking details and is unable to fulfill the booking request. An email notification is then sent to the NSO or SSO who assigned the booking request to the coaching provider to request that they RE-ASSIGN or DECLINE the booking request.


    An NSO or SSO has reviewed the (NEW or PENDING) booking details and are unable to fulfil the booking request. Email notification is sent to the school outlining the reason as to why the booking request cannot be fulfilled.

    NOTE: the request can only be declined where a coach has not yet been confirmed to deliver the booking.

    Cancellation Pending

    The school has requested the cancellation of a CONFIRMED booking.

    NOTE: this only applies to bookings where a coach has already been assigned and confirmed to deliver.


    This status means that either:

    • An NSO, SSO or CP has reviewed and accepted the booking marked CANCELLATION PENDING; 
    • An NSO, SSO or CP has cancelled a CONFIRMED booking; or
    • A school has cancelled a booking.

    Email notification is then sent to the school and coach to notify them of the cancellation.

    NOTE: all parties are required to nominate a reason for the cancellation.


    A booking has been confirmed and all sessions of the booking have been delivered.


    This status reflects all NEW and PENDING bookings from previous terms.

    Completed Closed

    This status reflects all COMPLETED and CONFIRMED bookings from previous terms.

    Cancelled Closed

    This status reflects all CANCELLED and CANCELLATION PENDING bookings from previous terms.

    Declined Closed

    This status reflects all REJECTED and DECLINED bookings from previous terms.




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