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    Our school has already booked our program for this term. Do I still need to use the booking system?


    Yes, you will still need to use the booking system to:

    • connect with our partner national sporting organisations (NSOs) and their workforce; and
    • to book sport packages and provide information regarding your activities for the term.


    To record the program your school has already booked:


    1. Visit

    2. Click ‘Schools Login’ at the top of the page to and then click ‘Schools User Login’ to sign in to your Sporting Schools account.

    3. Sign in using your email address and password.

    4. Select the Booking System tab and click ‘Make a Booking’.



    5. Book a sports package that closely reflects the program you have organised

    6. Within Booking Details, use the ‘Additional Information’ text box to describe the details of your program e.g.


    7. Add in your schools session dates

    8. Check and confirm your booking details are correct. Once satisfied with your booking, read the declaration statements and tick 'I Agree' to accept the declaration. Click 'Submit Booking'.

    9. The NSO or their nominated workforce will respond to your request, confirming the details provided and that the coach and/or provider are registered.


    NOTE: If your coach and/or coaching provider are not yet registered with the relevant NSO please encourage them to visit 'who will deliver Sporting Schools' or for more information visit our ‘get started page’.

    Visit our Booking System help centre article for the latest information and benefits of using this system.


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