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    How schools book a sports package


    Sports packages are booked via the Sporting Schools Booking System.

    You need to be a nominated contact for your school (Sporting Schools Coordinator, Principal or Finance Contact) to access the Booking System. 


    To book a sports package:

    1. Visit

    2. Login to your school account with your Sporting Schools email and password.

    3. Click on the Booking System tab and select View & Apply.

    4. A list of the sports packages available will appear. You can search for a package that meets your needs by sorting, comparing and refining a sports package search. Once you have found a sports package that meets your needs, click APPLY.

    To complete a Teacher Delivered Sports Package booking click here.

    NOTE: The packages pictured below are examples only, please check the booking system for current packages available.


    5. Complete the booking booking details.

    The school details (school name and booking contact) will be pre-populated based on your login details. To update a field, click the search icon at the right of the box.

    The booking details need to be within the parameters of the selected sports package e.g. if you select a package with a group size of 24, you will not be able to enter 30 as the total participant numbers.

    To request a particular coach, enter the coach’s name in the Additional Information section. You can also use this section to provide further information e.g. requesting a coach who has experience working with children with special needs.

    Once all required fields are completed, click continue.





    6. To add the session dates for the selected sports package click +Add

    Select the first session date and start time and click done.

    Repeat this process until all session dates for the package have been selected, then Click continue.


    7. Check and confirm the booking details are correct. Once satisfied with the booking, read the declaration statements and tick I Agree to accept the declaration. Click Submit Booking.


    8. A confirmation of the booking request will then be displayed. Notification regarding the outcome of the booking request will be received within approximately six working days.


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