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    How do I assign a coaching provider and/or coach to a booking? (► Video)



    To assign a booking request:


    1. Visit Booking System Partner Portal

    2. Login with your email address and password

    3. ClickView Bookings’ and then click the ‘All Bookings’ tab to see a summary of bookings assigned to your sport.

    4. Select the booking you wish to assign and click the arrow on the right:


    5. Click on the arrow next to Assign Booking from the top menu to bring up options. Select the relevant option (SSO, coaching provider or coach) as required.


    6. The next step whether you are assigning a coach or coaching provider is to select from a list view or interactive map:

      • To select from a list of coaches or coaching providers click the list icon: 
        From the list you can select the number of entries to show or use the search field to search by name or address.
      • To select from an interactive map click the map icon: 

    NOTE: Only coaches with a valid WWCC for the state/territory that the school is located in will appear.

    The red pin indicates the location of the school who has made the booking request.

    Each blue pin depicts a coach or coaching provider in your network. Click on the blue pin to bring up the coach details and click ‘Select Coach’ if you wish to assign the booking.


    7. If you are assigning a coach you will also need to enter a Total Package Cost. This is the total cost to the school.

      • If you are assigning to a coaching provider then you will not need to enter a Total Package Cost. The coaching provider will enter this cost when they assign the booking to a coach.


    8. Once you have selected the correct workforce through the list or the map, click ‘Assign’.


    9. The booking now has a status of ‘Pending’ and the selected coach/coaching provider will receive the booking request details to confirm or decline.

    For further information please refer to ‘How do I accept a booking?’ and/or 'How do I decline a booking?'.


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