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    How do I amend a booking? (e.g. dates, times, coaches etc.)


    You can amend the sessions (date and time), price, group size and the assigned coach through the booking system portal.

    NOTE: In the first instance, please liaise with the school’s booking contact listed in the booking request, to confirm any changes to times, dates and package costs.


    To amend the details of a booking:

    1. Visit Booking System Partner Portal

    2. Login with your email address and password.

    3. Click BOOKINGS in the main menu.

    4. Select the 'All Bookings' tab to see the bookings and booking requests assigned to you.

    5. Select the appropriate booking and click the arrow on the right


    6. Click on the edit icon  to:

      • Edit Package Cost
        Click on the line and enter new package price. NOTE: the new price must fit within the package range.


      • Edit Group Size



      • NOTE: Group Size - If you wish to change the number of participants and this sits outside of the sport package parameters e.g. if you select a package with a group size of 24, you will not be able to enter 30 as the total participant numbers. In this instance, the school may have to cancel this booking and select the sports package that reflects the relevant participant numbers.

      • Edit Session.
        Hover the mouse on the drop down arrow next the session date and time that you wish to amend and click edit. Select the new date and time and click done. Repeat these step for each session that you wish to amend. 

      • Edit Assigned to.
        Click on the ‘Assign Booking’ and select who you would like to re-assign the booking to (SSO, Coaching Provider or Coach). Select from a list view or interactive map:
        To select from a list of coaches or coaching providers click the list icon: 

        From the list you can select the number of entries to show or use the search field to search by name or address.
        To select from an interactive map click the map icon: 

        If the coach does not appear in the list you will need to add the coach by clicking on NETWORK, select Related Coach Network and then add a ‘new coach’.


    7. A new email will be sent to all relevant stakeholders notifying them of the amendments.


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