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    How do I view my bookings?


    You can use the Booking System portal to view and manage your booking requests if you are the nominated contact for your organisation (Primary, Secondary or Coach Coordinator Contact).


    Your organisation can use the online Booking System portal to:

    • View booking requests from schools via the Sporting Schools website
    • Assign bookings to your workforce
    • Manage workforce contact details and Working With Children Checks; and
    • Decline, cancel, or amend booking requests.


    To view and manage your bookings:

    1. Visit Booking System Partner Portal

    2. Login with your email address and password.

    3. A summary of my tasks (new, pending, rejected and cancellation pending booking requests) that are assigned to you will appear. 

      • Select the type of booking you wish to view by clicking on the box.


    4. A list of your selected booking type will display. You can sort your bookings by State, Booking Status and by using the search function.

      • If you wish to search for a different booking type you can click Status and select an option from the drop down menu as shown below.
      • To view all your bookings click the All Bookings tab on the left.
      • You may wish to also add a search criteria to help find a particular booking.




    5. Click the Sporting Schools logo to return to the summary page.

    You can also export or download a report of your bookings to Microsoft Excel.


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