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    How to accept or reject a teacher-delivered sports package booking


    Only a national sporting organisation (NSO) or nominated state sporting organisation (SSO) can accept or reject teacher delivered sport packages.


    To accept or reject teacher delivered sport package:

    1. Visit Booking System Partner Portal

    2. Login with your email address and password.

    3. ClickView Bookings’ and then click the ‘All Bookings’ tab to see a summary of bookings assigned to your sport.

    4. Select the booking you wish to accept or reject and click on the arrow on the right

    5. The NSO or nominated SSO must assess the following information, by clicking on the attachments supplied to ensure that the teacher meets the minimum requirements of the sport.


    6. If the teacher meets the minimum requirements go to step 9.

    7. If the teacher does NOT meet the minimum requirements it is the responsibility of the NSO or SSO to contact the teacher/school and offer professional development to up-skill the teacher.

    8. If the teacher still does not meet the minimum requirements the NSO or SSO may reject the booking request. Go to Step 10.

    9. Click accept. A notification will be sent to the school confirming the teacher-delivered package.

    10. Click reject. If you wish to proceed and decline the booking click proceed.



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