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    What is a booking request?


    A booking request is an online application from a school to deliver one or more of our national sporting organisations (NSOs) sport packages at their school. Each booking request will display the following details:



    Schools can enter comments that will help the sport cater to their needs. For example the name of the preferred coach or coaching provider, any equipment the school already owns, additional equipment needed, the facilities available at the school, wet weather options and whether there are any students with special needs. 


    Booking Details

    The booking details for each booking request contains:

    • Number of participants per group
    • Year levels selected for each group
    • Session dates and times for each group

    The booking details can be viewed and edited by selecting the pencil icon highlighted by the red box below. 


    Once you have clicked the edit icon the manage groups option shown below will appear.



    Package Details

    Displays the boundaries of the specific package requested including:

    • Price
    • Maximum participants per group
    • Year levels recommended
    • Minimum and maximum number of sessions
    • Session duration


    School Details

    The contact details and a map of the school who has requested the booking.

    • Booking contact name
    • Booking contact number
    • Booking contact email
    • School address


    NOTE: NSOs, state sporting organisations and coaching providers will receive an email weekly (on Monday) which displays all new, modified booking requests and Coaches whose Coach WWCC is Expired or in Review Expiry.

    For more information see ‘how do I view my bookings’.


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