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    How do I amend a booking?


    To amend an existing booking, please log in to the Sporting Schools portal and access your bookings by clicking on the 'Booking System' drop-down menu, then choose 'View My Bookings'.

    You can make changes to the following items in existing bookings:

    • group details
    • session times
    • session dates


    It is not possible to add or remove groups or sessions. If you need this, please contact the national sporting organisation (NSO) or the coaching provider for your sport.

    Once you have accessed your Sport Package Bookings, select the booking you wish to update from the list by clicking on the down arrow in the 'Options' column of that booking and select 'View Booking'.

    Once viewing the booking, please select the group you would like to edit from the tabs at the top of the page.


    To update the group details, please click on the pencil icon next to 'Group details'. This will allow you to change the number of students in the group, as well as the year levels included in that group.


    To update session dates and times, select the group you wishto change the dates for, as per above, then click on the down arrow next to each session you need to update and select 'Update' to change the date and time as required.


    An email will be sent to the applicable sporting organisation, notifying them of every change that is made to an existing booking.

    If you want to change the sports package you have booked, you will need to cancel your existing booking and book your preferred sports package.


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