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    Schools: What is the Sporting Schools booking system?


    The Sporting Schools Booking System is an online platform for schools, designed to save time, where you can compare and select from over 100 sports packages across more than 30 sports - in just a few clicks.  Once you have found a sports package that meets your needs, simply submit a booking request.  

    The Booking System aims to meet the high demand for programs, as well as streamline the process of connecting schools with national sporting organisations (NSOs) and their network of aligned organisations and coaches.



    What are the benefits?

    Schools can:

    • view the Sporting Schools sport packages on offer;
    • compare sport packages;
    • nominate for teacher-delivered sport packages; and
    • send NSOs and coaching providers real time, electronic notifications of their booking requests.


    NSOs and coaching providers can:

    • view booking requests from schools;
    • assign bookings to their workforce electronically;
    • manage workforce contact details and Working With Children Checks; and
    • manage or amend booking requests.


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