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    What happens after I submit my acquittal?


    After your school submits an acquittal, it is assessed by Sporting Schools to ensure the program was delivered in accordance with the terms and conditions and program parameters, and that the funding was spent on supported expenses.

    Your school’s nominated contacts will be notified by email about the assessment outcome. 


    There are three outcomes from the acquittal assessment process: 

    1. No further action to be taken - details provided complies with Sporting Schools parameters and terms and conditions
    2. Invoice for residual (unspent) funds or unapproved expenditure - total expenses equals less than the funding received, or expenses are not supported costs within Sporting Schools parameters and terms and conditions
    3. Invoice for full amount of funding – a school does not submit an acquittal, receives notification of non-compliance, and an invoice will be raised for the full amount of the grant.

    NOTE: During the acquittal assessment process expense items declared in your school’s acquittal could be deemed rejected and as a result, this could increase the amount of residual funds declared in your school’s acquittal.


    Do we have to return any unspent funds?

    Yes, if you receive an invoice due to identified residual (unspent) funds or non-compliance with the assessment outcome notification.

    NOTE: Do not return any funds to the Sporting Schools program (or the ASC) until you receive an invoice, as it includes payment instructions.


    I don't have a copy of my school's invoice, how can I get one?

    If you require a copy of your school's invoice, please call the Client Support Centre on 1300 785 707 or email and we will arrange for a copy to be sent to you.



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