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    How do I complete my acquittal?


     Use the online Sporting Schools Grant Acquittal form to provide details on:

    • how you spent Sporting Schools funding (including receipts);
    • any unspent (residual) funds; and
    • the number of participants, including total and by demographic.


    Before you complete your acquittal 

    • Review the Program Parameters and Terms and Conditions to ensure your school has spent the funding on supported costs.
    • Ensure your school’s nominated contact (Sporting Schools Coordinator, Finance Contact or Principal) completing the acquittal has all necessary information prior to accessing the form. 

      NOTE: Acquittals need to be completed and submitted in one session as the form cannot be saved.


    STEP 1 – Access the Acquittal Form 

    Acquittals can only be completed online through your school’s profile as each acquittal is pre-populated with details related to your Sporting Schools program and funding. 

    A registered school contact (Sporting Schools Coordinator, Principal, or Finance Contact) can:

    • Open a web browser and navigate to
    • Login using their Sporting Schools username (email address) and password;
    • Click on the ‘Manage Grants’ tab and scroll to ‘Grant Application Acquittals’;
    • If your school is eligible to acquit a term, select ‘Start Acquittal’ 


    STEP 2 – Program Participation 

    • Select whether you delivered at least one sport during the term (Yes or No), then click 'Next'.

      NOTE: If you did not deliver (‘No’), select a ‘Non-Delivery Reason’ from the drop down list and add a comment. You will then be directed to the Summary page as there are no program expenses to acquit. 


    STEP 3 – Funding Details 

    • Review pre-populated Grant Details, Program(s) Nominated in Grant Application and Confirmed Sport Packaged Bookings
    • Enter Participant Totals in the Sporting Schools program during the acquittal period for:

    - Number of students
    - Number of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
    - Number of students with disability
    - Number of students who speak a language other than English at home 

    • Click ‘Next’.


    STEP 4 – Program Expenses

    • Review Program Expenses pre-populated from the Booking System, if necessary, click ‘Edit’ to change the amount for a pre-populated item.

      NOTE: You cannot change any other detail or delete a program. Enter '0' (zero) as the amount for any listed program that did not run.
    • Enter your program expenses by sport
    • Click ‘Add Expense Item’ to enter your program expenses
    • Repeat until you have entered all expenses for the term
    • Click ‘Add Receipt’ to upload copies of receipts or other evidence of expenditure supporting the expense items entered.

      NOTE: You can attach multiple files if required. Individual files cannot exceed 5MB in size and should be saved in one of the following supported formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF. Attaching at least one file is mandatory.
    • Click ‘Next’ 


    STEP 5 – Summary

    • Review the School Details, Financial Declaration and declaration statements
    • Tick to confirm the information provided in your acquittal is correct and your acceptance of the declaration statements
    • Sumbit your acquittal

      NOTE: When your acquittal is successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation email which outlines your acquittal details. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact Sporting Schools on 1300 785 707 or

      Once submitted, you will not be able to access or amend your acquittal. If you require any amendments to be made, please contact Sporting Schools. 

      Remember - please do not return any funds to the Sporting Schools program until you receive an invoice as it includes payment instructions.



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