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    What is the identifier on my Working With Children Check card?


    Each state and territory uses different unique identifiers on their Working With Children Check (WWCC) cards.


    The list below displays the identifier in each state/territory that National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) will require when registering as a coach:

    • Australian Capital Territory: Registration No.
    • New South Wales: Working With Children Check Number
    • Northern Territory: Notice Number
    • Queensland: Card number
    • Victoria: CARD NO:
    • South Australia: DSCI + reference
    • Tasmania: Registration No.
    • Western Australia: NOTICE NUMBER


    Coaches are responsible for looking after their own WWCC and this may include any applicable fees.

    Each relevant state/territory will complete the WWCC checks for coaches. For further information about this please refer to the Play by the Rules website.


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