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    Can I change my funding application?


    Yes, once your school submits an application, you can access and edit your grant applications online whilst the grant application period is open.

    Schools can login to their Sporting Schools portal and go to Manage Grants to find their recently submitted grant application. Schools can view the Grant Summary page and select and edit the relevant sections of their grant application form, including:

    • sport/s
    • participant numbers
    • number of sessions


     How will changes affect our funding amount?

    Changes to sport/s in your application will not affect funding amounts. If you deliver a different sport, you will report this when completing your program reporting for the term.

    Changes that will affect your funding amount include:

    Primary Schools Secondary Schools
    • K-6 population
    • total number of participants
    • any applicable special circumstances (such as regional and remote schools)
    • total participant numbers


    Updates to population and participant numbers must be made during the application open dates to be taken into consideration.


    Can I still get the Special Circumstances Stipend if our primary school did not request it in our application?

    Yes, if your primary school is eligible. Eligible schools should contact Sporting Schools to request the stipend that may be added to your application.




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