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    What are the supervision requirements in Sporting Schools?


    Participating Schools, and delivering Organisations, must ensure that Sporting Schools sessions are delivered safely, supervision ratios are appropriate, and ‘duty of care’ responsibilities applied.

    The Session Supervisor needs to provide active supervision for Sport packages under the Program in addition to the coach, encouraging maximum participation, supporting behaviour management and ensuring Playing for Life principles are applied.



    Session Supervisor Coaches and Coaching Providers
    • Take a roll call of all participating children
    • Manage behaviour of participants
    • Assist with coach delivery and maintain involvement in each session (active supervision)
    • Provide feedback to the Sporting Schools Coordinator on quality of program delivery
    • Report any incidents to the Sporting Schools Coordinator
    • Ensure risk management policies are adhered to (including Work Health and Safety, and Public Liability insurances on behalf of the school)
    • Ensure child protection policies are adhered to
    • Support for the Session Supervisor in managing behaviours and safety issues
    • Deliver activities safely meeting the NSO’s and Organisation’s requirements for delivery of Sport packages
    • Actively engage participants of all abilities, for the duration of the session
    • Ensure a safe, fair, inclusive environment for participants – Play by the Rules
    • Role model – for example wearing a hat and sunscreen (Sun Safe), drinking water, and wearing appropriate clothing and shoes required for the Sport
    • Following all applicable policies and procedures of the NSO, Organisation and the School e.g. first aid and wet weather policies
    • Report any incidents to the session supervisor


    Permission notes

    Duty of care and insurance requirements are the responsibility of each school and so schools may therefore use their own participation permission note.

    Schools that take part in Sporting Schools evaluation or promotional activities may be required to circulate Sporting Schools consent forms which will be provided.

    It is important to recognise the form constitutes an agreement between parents and the school and is not an agreement between parents or a school and Sport Australia. For this reason, there should not be a Sport Australia logo on the form.


    Can children from another school participate in our Sporting Schools program?

    Schools may provide permission for any children that are not enrolled at their school to participate in their Sporting Schools programs.

    Registered schools that receive funding to run Sporting Schools programs accept responsibility for all aspects of Sporting Schools at their school. The school is required to ensure they provide suitable supervision, comply with their appropriate policies, and has appropriate insurances in place. 


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