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    How to update the Sporting Schools program contacts for your school


    Schools can easily keep their Sporting Schools program contacts up to date by following these steps: 

    NOTE: You are unable to remove yourself as a contact using your login. You will need to get one of the other school contacts to remove and replace you. If you are a new contact you will not be able to add yourself to a school, an existing contact will need to do this.


    1. Open a web browser window and navigate to

    2. Click ‘Schools Login’ at the top of the page then click ‘Schools User Login’ to sign in to your Sporting Schools account.

    3. Sign in using your email address and password.

    4. Your landing page will appear; select the My School tab and click ‘Manage School’ or select Manage School from the three boxes in the body of the window.

    Tip: When you are logged in, you can return to your landing page at any time by clicking on ’Home’ at the top of the page.



    5. If you are only managing one school account you should progress to step six.

    If you are managing multiple schools accounts select the school you would like to change details for.


    6. Scroll down to the ‘School contacts’ sections shown below. Click the drop down at the right of the contact name you wish to update to select ‘Edit Connection’.



    7. Fill out the form with the updated contact details as shown below and click ‘Submit’ on the pop up.



    8. Any new school contacts, that are not already registered with Sporting Schools, will receive an invitation request via email to enable them to complete their registration and access the Sporting Schools website on behalf of your school.

    NOTE: If all contacts on your school's account have changed, please ask your current principal to email to provide a full name, email address and phone number for each contact role (Principal, Finance Contact, Sporting Schools Coordinator and, if applicable, Secondary Schools Coordinator).

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