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    What sports can we choose to deliver?


    We have partnered with over 30 key national sporting organisations (NSOs) to help deliver a quality Sporting Schools experience. With their involvement, Sporting Schools offers access to national products supported by NSO-endorsed coaches that can also support your school’s curriculum.

    To view our NSO partners and sports your school can deliver, please visit the Sporting Schools sports page.



    Using Non-NSO Partner Sports

    Program parameters require schools to use NSO partner sports for Sporting Schools funded programs.

    Costs associated with the delivery of activities that are outside the NSO partner sports are not supported e.g. dance, martial arts (excluding judo and taekwondo), Oztag, circus skills, boot camps, yoga, archery, personal trainers, fundamental movements programs etc.

    Visit the spending fact sheet (PDF 228Kb) for further information about the supported and non-supported costs.



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