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    What funding is available and who can apply?


    Sporting Schools funding is available for schools to cover the costs of delivering sport-based activities before, during or after school hours using one of our national sporting organisation (NSO) partners.


    Sporting Schools offers two funding programs:

    Once a school meets the registration and eligibility requirements, they can apply for funding. Funding applications are assessed according to:

     To apply for Sporting Schools funding, all schools must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    NOTE: Your school registration is only valid after your principal has agreed to the Sporting Schools program terms and conditions. Schools without principal approval may not be able to access funding.


    Primary School Grant

    To receive a Primary School Grant, and possible Special Circumstances funding, schools must also:

    • Have enrolled primary school-aged children; and
    • Meet at least one of the following location or demographic special circumstances:
      • Special school
      • Students with disability
      • Located in an Indigenous community
      • Students that identify as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
      • Located in a regional or remote location

    NOTE: Eligibility for the Special Circumstances Stipend is determined using the details provided during your school’s registration.


    Secondary School Grant

    To receive a Secondary School Grant, schools must also:

    • Have enrolled Year 7 and 8 students;
    • Provide a Secondary School contact for the school; and
    • Be invited to apply.

    Visit the funding section for further information.


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