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    How to register an organisation as a coaching provider


    Organisations can participate in Sporting Schools by registering as a coaching provider, facilitating and managing coaching services in the Sporting Schools program on behalf of the relevant national sporting organisation (NSO).

    Coaching providers generally manage booking requests made by schools, and have a workforce of various size and reach. Their coach workforce must meet the minimum requirements stipulated by the NSO for each nominated sport to be able to deliver Sporting Schools programs.

    Organisations wanting to facilitate and manage coaching services in the Sporting Schools program must register with their relevant NSO.

    NOTE: NSOs that are interested in becoming a Sporting Schools partner sport can email


    Step 1 – Check organisation requirements

    Each National Sporting Organisation (NSO) will have minimum Sporting Schools coaching provider requirements. This may include a service level agreement, memorandum of understanding, licence or franchise agreement.

    Visit Get Started for information about the organisation requirements for each sport.

    NOTE: Some sports are at capacity and do not need external coaching providers.


    Step 2 – Register with your Sport

    Visit the NSO sport pages to find the contact for your sport.

    Provide the following details to the NSO:NSO sport pages

    • Organisation name
    • Organisational type
    • Address
    • Contact details (organisation phone, email and web address)
    • ABN
    • Primary contact (name, business phone, mobile
    • and email)
    • Booking manager contact (name, business phone, mobile and email)
    • Sports delivered

    Complete the relevant NSO registration process.


    Step 3 – Assigning and Managing Bookings

    NSOs can assign an organisation (coaching provider) with a school booking request through the online booking system. A coaching provider can access the Sporting Schools booking system via an online portal to manage all booking requests. The nominated contacts for a coaching provider will be granted access to the booking system.

    A coaching provider can use the online booking system to:

    If you have any further queries, please contact your NSO, visit the Sporting Schools Help Centre or contact our Client Support Centre on 1300 785 707 or by email at



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