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    How do I apply for funding?


    Schools may apply for Sporting Schools funding once per school term during the application open dates.

    Details about application open and close dates will be available via the Sporting Schools website, our Sporting Schools Update (term newsletter) and our social media accounts.

    Application submission dates for 2022

    Term 1, 2022: 8am AEDT Monday 8 November, 2021 - 4pm AEDT Friday 19 November, 2021
    Term 2, 2022: 8am AEDT Monday 28 February, 2022 - 4pm AEDT Friday 18 March, 2022
    Term 3, 2022: 8am AEST Monday 23 May, 2022 - 5pm AEST Friday 3 June, 2022
    Term 4, 2022: 8am AEST Monday 15 August, 2022 - 5pm AEST Friday 26 August, 2022

    Application submission dates for 2023

    Term 1, 2023: 8am AEDT Monday 7 November, 2022 - 5pm AEDT Friday 18 November, 2022


    Before schools apply for funding they need to:

    1. Be registered. Please complete and/or ensure your school is registered via the Sporting Schools website

    2. Meet funding eligibility requirements

    3. Review program parameters and terms and conditions


    Step 1 - Access the Application

    A registered school contact (Sporting Schools Coordinator, Principal or Finance Contact) can:

      • Open a web browser window and navigate to
      • Log in using their email address and password
      • Click on the ‘Manage Grants’ tab
      • If your school is eligible to apply for funding Select ‘Start Application’

    NOTE: If you are a combined school, first go to the Grants tab and choose from Primary School or Secondary School.


    NOTE: If you are having trouble accessing the application form, please check that your school meets the eligibility requirements and please DO NOT re-register. You can contact our Client Support Centre or call us on 1300 785 707.


    Step 2 - Application Form


    Primary Schools

      • Enter the number of students enrolled in P-6 at your school, or review and confirm/update the figure where this has already been entered.
      • Click ‘Continue’ to progress.

    Secondary Schools

      • Provide an overview of how the funding will be used to meet the key goals of the secondary school program 
      • Provide an overview of the students that will benefit from accessing the program.
      • Click ‘Next’ to progress.

    NOTE: Need help with this step? Click here.


    Step 3 - Program Details

    If your Primary School is eligible and wants to apply for special circumstances Select ‘Yes’

    NOTE: Special circumstances funding is available for special schools, schools in regional and remote locations, schools with students with special needs, schools located in indigenous communities and schools with students that identify as ATSI. 

    Primary Schools are then required to enter a numerical value of how many students in total will participate in the Sporting Schools program for the term e.g. 30.

    All schools

      • Click ‘Add Program’:
      • Click the drop down menu and select a sport from the list
      • Enter the number of students expected to participate (numerical value only)
        e.g. 24. Where 24 students will participate in all four sessions. Each session must have a minimum of the same ten (10) participants and the same participant must have an opportunity to take part in each session (four sessions)
      • Enter the number of sessions you would like to run (numerical value only)
      • If you would like to run more than one sport, Click ‘Add Program’ again until you have added all of your programs.
      • Click ‘Continue’ to progress.


    Step 4 - Summary

      • Select 'No' or 'Yes' to indicate that, if your application is unsuccessful, you approve your school's contact details being made available to the sports you have requested in your grant application to get more information about running a program using your own funding.
      • Tick ‘I Agree’ to confirm the information provided in your funding application is true and correct and you accept the programs terms and conditions.
      • Click ‘Submit Grant Application’


    When your application is successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation email which outlines your application details.

    If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact our Client Support Centre on 1300 785 707 or


    Has our application been approved?

    Assessment of applications usually takes approximately 10 business days once the application close date has passed. Your school’s nominated contacts (Sporting Schools Coordinator, Finance Contact and Principal) will receive an email notifying them of your application's outcome.


    Can we submit an application after the application close date?

    No, once applications close, you will not be able to access the form to complete and submit an application. 

    If you are having issues accessing the form during the application period, contact Sporting Schools immediately on 1300 785 707.

    NOTE: Sporting Schools is not obliged to cover costs for programs arranged before a funding outcome confirmation was supplied to a school. Schools run the risk of having to fund programs that have been organised and run without funding approval.


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