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    How to register a school (► Video)


    Before registering your school, register as a website user.

    If you are already a registered user, go directly to Step 1 - Register a School. 

    To register a new user refer to ‘How to register as a website user’ for a detailed video and step by step process.

    PLEASE NOTE: If your school is already registered and you need to be added as a contact, please DO NOT register as a user before being added. Please see our article: How to update the Sporting Schools program contacts for your school to become a contact for an already registered school.


    Video: Registering a School

    If you have registered as a user, please follow the steps in this video or the instructions below to register a school.


    Step 1 - Register a School

    A registered website user can:

    • Open a web browser window and navigate to
    • Click ‘School Login’ and select ‘School User Login’.
    • Log in using your email address and password.

    Click on the ‘My School’ tab and Select ‘Register a School’ 



    Step 2 - Find your School

    • Enter the schools postcode and click the Search icon to bring up a list of schools.
    • Click on your school name, click ‘Select’ and then click ‘Register this School’.

     NOTE: A message will appear on the screen if the school you selected is already registered



     Step 3 - School Details

    •  Check the pre-populated information and ensure the details entered are correct. If not please amend accordingly. 



     Step 4 - School Contacts

    • Add a Principal, Finance Contact and Sporting Schools Coordinator (primary schools) or Secondary Schools Coordinator (secondary schools)  by clicking on the blue buttons.

    NOTE: Combined schools can have up to four different contacts as they have the option to have a Sporting Schools Coordinator for primary school programs and a Secondary Schools Coordinator for secondary school programs.


    • Enter name, email address and phone number, and then click ‘Submit’.
    • Repeat for each contact until all three roles have been added.
    • Click ‘Continue’.



    Step 5 - Summary

    • Review all information entered.
    • Read declaration, select ‘I Agree’and then click ‘Submit’ to complete registration.



    Step 6 - Bank Details

    Finally, you need to update the schools bank details.

    • Log in using your email address and password
    • Select ‘My School’ and click ‘Manage School’
    • Scroll down to ‘Bank Details’ and click ‘Add Bank Account Details’
    • Enter bank name, BSB Code, Account number
    • Click

    Once complete, and if eligible, your school can apply for funding.

    For further information on providing or updating bank details click here.


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