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    How can Sporting Schools funding be spent?


    Sporting Schools funding can be used to assist schools to cover the costs of delivering sport-based activities in line with the program parameters and terms and conditions



    Download the spending fact sheet ( PDF 197Kb) which outlines the supported and non-supported costs that will help guide your school’s expenditure of the funds.




    Primary School Program Case Study – Softball and Baseball


    Sporting Schools funding



    Regional Victoria

    Sports delivered

    Softball and Baseball

    Total number of participants


    Cost of program




    A combined school in regional Victoria wanted to offer a mix of sports to their primary school aged students.  The school decided to offer the Year 2 students softball and baseball during term 4; splitting them into two mixed-gender groups.

    The Sporting Schools Coordinator used the Booking System to organise Softball Victoria and Baseball Victoria to deliver their program packages.



    • Aussie T-ball and Softball Batter Up programs;
    • 5 x 45 minute sessions delivered during school hours every Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning for four weeks;
    • The last session was delivered at the local softball venue;
    • Softball Victoria and Baseball Victoria coaches delivered each session; and
    • 54 students participated in the baseball sessions and 48 participated in the softball sessions


    How the funding was spent

    Expense Type


    Amount (ex-GST)

    Coaching delivery

    Softball Victoria – two coaches delivering the Softball Batter Up program (four sessions)


    Coaching delivery

    Baseball Victoria – two coaches delivering the Aussie T-Ball program (four sessions)



    Baseball Australia - Aussie T-Ball equipment kit



    Softball Australia – Softball Regular kit


    Costs covered by school:

    Coaching delivery

    Softball Victoria – one coach to deliver the Softball Batter Up program (one session)


    Coaching delivery

    Baseball Victoria – one coach to deliver the Aussie T-Ball program (one session)


    Venue Hire

    Hire of two diamonds at Field of Dreams



    Telford’s Coaches – return trip to Field of Dreams for fifth session




    Based on the success of the delivered programs, the school decided to cover the costs of delivering a fifth session for their students at a local softball venue so that the students could play on a ‘real’ diamond.

    The school also replicated these programs for Years 3 and 4 during school in the following term. This was in addition to their Sporting Schools program.

    For more information on the softball and baseball Sporting Schools programs visit the Softball Australia or Baseball Australia page.

    More Sporting Schools funding examples can be found on the Funding section of the Sporting Schools website.



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