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    Organisations: How do I update my organisation's contacts?


    National sporting organisations (NSO), state sporting organisations (SSO) and NSO nominated coaching providers can update their organisations contacts by following the steps below.


    1. Visit Booking System Partner Portal

    2. Login with your email address and password

    3. Click on Network and select Related Account Network



    4. Click
    the arrow under 'Manage' on the right of the contact you wish to update.


    5. Click the cross next to the contact you want to remove, then click the search button to find your new contact. 


    6. A search list of your coach contacts will pop up. Find the contact you wish to add and click 'Select'.

    NOTE: The new contact must be an existing coach on your system. If they are not you will need to add them. See How do I add a new coach the system?


    7. Once you have finished updating your contacts scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Submit'.


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