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    Release Notes - 21 March 2017


    For Schools


    • We have now migrated all of the historical data from school funding applications to our new portal so that schools have a record of their previous grants from 2015 onwards. To access this data, users should login to the Sporting Schools portal, click ‘Manage Grants’ and the records will appear under the ‘Historical Grant Applications’ heading.



    Visit our online Help Centre for schools to understand how to use the Booking System.


    For Organisations 

    What’s new?

    • Sporting organisations can now create a booking on behalf of a school, where an error has been made by the school in the original booking.

    - To decline/reject the booking with an error, click on 'Bookings' and then click the arrow to access the booking in question. Once on the booking details page, national sporting organisations and state sporting organisations should click decline and coaching providers should click reject.

    - To create the new booking, click on ‘Bookings’ and then select ‘Create A Booking’.

    • This feature is not designed to replace schools making booking requests, simply to help sporting organisations update booking requests where changes need to be made.



    • We have now added postcodes to sporting organisation reports to help filter by location.



    Visit our online Help Centre for sporting organisations to understand how to use the Sporting Schools partner portal.

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