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    Secondary Schools: How do I ensure I meet the program goals in my grant application?


    The Secondary School Grant uses an open competitive process each term. This means applications received by the close date are assessed against criteria and ranked in order of merit. Schools who meet the program goals and program parameters in their grant application may receive funding.

    When your school applies for a Secondary School Grant via the online application, you will need to:

    In the application form there are three sections: Plan, Program and Summary.

    The information below provides advice for completing each section of the application. For more information view the Sporting Schools program case studies.


    The Plan

    In this section applicants are required to respond the following questions.

    1. Provide a brief overview of how the funding will be used to deliver a program aligned with the key goals of the secondary school program (500 characters).
    2. Provide an overview of the students that will benefit from accessing the delivered program (300 characters).


    Image: Secondary schools online grant application form.


    Your first step is to review the secondary schools key goals and plan how your proposed program may meet each of these goals. Applications that provide sufficient detail on achieving each of the goals have a better chance of being successful.

    The key goals for secondary school programs are:

    1. Tackle the decline in sports participation that occurs during adolescence.
    2. Increase physical activity in areas with large cohorts of inactive students.
    3. Provide access to tailored resources for schools where there is evidence of disadvantage.


    To help understand the most successful strategies to spark the motivations and interests of secondary school students, Sport Australia undertook the Youth Participation Project. As a result, Sport Australia has produced a suite of resources to support sports, schools and the community to develop and deliver effective programs that engage youth through sport to increase their physical activity. 


    Answering Question 1

    For this question, it is important to think about how you might best achieve these goals before you choose your sport. Think about what kinds of activities your school is already doing, or plan to do, that align to the goals. What types of students will you be engaging in the program?


    We would like to run a program for Year 7 & 8 students, particularly girls, which aims to help reduce the decline of their participation in sport at school.  We have also noticed an increasing number of students that are struggling to meet the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day of the week. Our school would like to run an AFL program that will help build these student’s confidence and skills so that they feel comfortable participating in sport and physical activity.


    Answering Question 2

    Here we just need to know who the target audience is for the program you are planning. Who will benefit from taking part in the delivered programs? Make sure your target audience supports achieving the program goals.


    Students in Years 7 and 8, with a focus on engaging girls and inactive students.


    The Program

    In this next section of the application we want to see your program plan for the term. Think about the program parameters, what sports will help you achieve the program goals and tell us how many participants and sessions you are planning. To help your selection view our sports page to read about which sports might best support you to meet your goals.

    Example excerpt from sports pages:

    The AFL9s program is designed for secondary schools and can be modified to suit the skill level of students, developing motor and coordination skills while participating in a team sport. 


    Once you have decided on your sport simply select Add Program and complete your program details.



    Image: Example program details.



    The summary section is where you can check over the details of your application including:

    • School Details
    • Bank Details
    • School Contacts
    • Grant Application Details


    Once you are satisfied with your application you will need to Agree to the Declaration and then click the Submit Grant Application button.


    For further information view our Sporting Schools case studies or contact our Client Support Centre on 1300 785 707 or  



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