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    Release Notes - 22 August 2017


    For Schools


    What's new?


    Secondary School Grant Applications

    There are now two separate grant application forms, one for primary schools and one for secondary schools.

    The new secondary school application is for targeted secondary schools that have been invited to apply for funding and is slightly different to the primary school form. One key difference is that it requires applicants to provide an overview of how the funding will be used to deliver a program that aligns with key goals of the secondary schools program.

    Find out more about the key goals and how to meet them here.


    Below image: New grant application form for secondary schools.


    Combined Schools

    If you are a combined school and wish to apply for funding for both primary and secondary school students you will need to complete two applications. To do this, first select the grant program you wish to manage from the Grants tab then select either Primary School Grants or Secondary School Grants.




    In addition, combined schools who wish to register or complete a grant application to run secondary school programs will now have up to four different school contacts. These are:

    • Sporting Schools Coordinator (primary school contact)
    • Secondary Schools Coordinator (secondary school contact)
    • Principal
    • Finance Contact


    The new Secondary Schools Coordinator contact can be added during registration of the school or, if the school is already registered with Sporting Schools, go to the My School tab and select Manage School Profile to add a Secondary Schools Coordinator.



    Once grant applications are approved, combined schools will need to book their sports programs for primary and secondary students separately using the Booking System.

    Schools can head to the Booking System tab and select either Primary School Sports Packages or Secondary School Packages to view and book their sports packages online.

    Schools can view the sports available for primary and secondary schools on the Sporting Schools sports page.





    The Sporting Schools database has now been refreshed with the latest ACARA data to improve accuracy of school registration details.



    Visit our online Help Centre for schools for more information.


    For Organisations



    Sporting organisations can now view Working with Children Check (WWCC) information in their My Associated Coach Network views on the Partner Portal.

    To access this information, go to My Associated Coach Network select a coach and View Coach Details.

    A new Coach WWCC tab is available as shown in the image below.



    Within this tab sporting organisations can select to View WWCC to view all details related to the WWCC including rejection reasons for any with a status of Invalid.



    Visit our online Help Centre for sporting organisations to understand how to use the Sporting Schools partner portal.


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